The Flyers are  rock band based in Delray Beach,
FL. While writing and recording their own music,
The Flyers play shows all over South Florida that
includes originals and covers of classic hits.
The Flyers are Patrick Farinas (Guitar), Joe Beard
(Drums) and Jordan Richards (Bass). This is a tight
knit unit consisting of three multi-instrumentalists.
You never know who is playing what in this band.
Influences include The Beatles, The Band, SRV,
Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin...
The Flyers play 4-5 nights a week banging out their
versions of timeless classics! Give the calendar link
a click to find out where you can see them! Also
check out the social media links to stay up to date
and up close and personal with The Flyers! Thanks!
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