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If you thought that

South Florida

couldn't get any

hotter, then you must

be one of the few

that have not seen

the energetic, heart-

pounding, power trio

that call themselves

The Flyers! Lighting

up nightclubs,

festivals etc.  with

their charismatic

take on songs that

you know and love,

The Flyers have the

ability to captivate

an audience. Some

people go out to

listen to good music, some people go out just to dance, some people

love the blues and others just love to rock! At The Flyers

show, you definitely get all this and more!

The Flyers feature Patrick Farinas on guitar, keys, "b3",

drums and lead vocals. Patrick is accompanied by his

protege Jordan Richards on bass and Joe Beard on Drums.

These three guys play everything on the stage! The level

of comfort and skill with which they play is a testament

to their love of music.

With three multi-instrumentalists in the band, don't be

surprised if you see instruments being exchanged in the

middle of a song! It is no doubt that when a talent like

Joe is teamed up with Jordan, it makes for an outstanding

rhythm section behind the impressive vocal and guitar work of

Patrick! The Flyers are a must-see act whose shows are filled with




songs, a

good vibe,

and always

a great


Patrick Farinas

Guitar, Keys, Bass, Drums, Vocals

Joe Beard

Drums, Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Jordan Richards

Bass, Guitar, Drums, Vocals
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